The New Stone Era -- Die Neue Steinzeit

The series The New Stone Era consists of several types of sets.  They are intended to appeal to young children -- and, of course, parents. 
The sets are detailed below.

* * *

Young children are fascinated by dinosaurs.  The small set DINOSA is made for them.

This sets costs just $14, postage paid.  Do not wait for a special occasion to give this set to a child.

* * *

Dinosaurs have lasting impact on children.  A second, much larger, set (BRONTOMOS) provides much greater scope for the imagination.  This set contains 105 stones, up from the DINOSA's 23 stones.


The BRONTOMOS costs $60 (postpaid), 40% of the cost of the 105 stones in set # 6.

* * *

Three Mosaic sets have been introduced in the New Stone Era series of sets.  Each set presents a different visual experience.  The 3-D look of some arrangements, especially the large 48 piece set, reminds me of one of Sheldon's tee shirts on The Big Bang Theory. 


Each of the two smaller sets costs $25 (postpaid);
the largest (3-D) set (58.815) costs  $30 (postpaid).

* * *

The X-Man Game inspire stacking, which greatly improves skill in placing stones without disturbing the stones already put in place.  The pictures below show just some of the ways that these "x-men" can be used.  In addition they are nice additions to the regular Anker buildings.  This set contains 48 stones. 



The X-Man game costs $45 (postpaid).

*  *  *  *

As soon as a child is old enough to enjoy building with the NF stones, a Starter Set is the best selection.  The set is quite similar to a good wooden block set.  But you should not give a wooden block set -- for all of the same reasons that make Anker stone building sets better than wooden block building sets.

Older children will have outgrown the colorful "toy" stone blocks and want "real" stone blocks for building useful and interesting structures.  The second part of "The New Stone Era" is a normal Anker stone set, with appropriate plans and a useful selection of stones.

 Yes, the Starter Set contains the same stone selection (in full size NF stones) as the earlier Heinzelmännchen (and reissued during the DDR [VEB] era as "Der kleine Gernegroß unter den Anker-Steinbaukasten").

The Starter Set costs $60 (postpaid).

* * * * * * * *